Women of Color in the Arts (WOCA) is dedicated to creating racial and cultural equity in the
performing arts field by promoting professional opportunities for arts administrators and providing a platform to help amplify voice and visibility to women of color. By working to fortify leadership and reinforce a world where everyone holds shared power at the decision-making table, WOCA aims to cultivate a just and inclusive field, one as varied in voice and perspective as the communities it serves. WOCA works diligently to move the conversation of racial and cultural equity forward with the intent of creating equitable systems for all to prosper inside and outside of the arts.

Women of Color in the Arts diligently works to:

  • move the conversation of racial and gender equity forward into actionable steps for the arts
  • create a real and virtual community to discuss issues in the field, specifically affecting WOC 
  • facilitate and ignite national discussions and action-oriented movements, specifically championing equity, diversity and inclusion in the field beyond the stage
  • provide professional development for members, and the field at large, through programs and
    workshops that dissect the artistic and administrative process through an equity lens
  • address the core cultural competency and necessary sensitivity needed for implementing a diverse range of arts on stage and administrators in the workplace
  • foster a community that shares information about collaborative programming, accessible funding, sustainable resources, and career and professional development opportunities
  • provide mentorship opportunities and leadership training for new, mid-level and future arts
    administrators and engender opportunities for peer to peer learning
  • build community through networking while creating agendas of importance

Thank you for your interest in promoting your career opportunity to WOCA's dynamic network of arts leaders. You should know that the WOCA community is comprised of arts leaders that work in a variety of capacities across the arts field with a special focus on the performing arts. Our members work with and lead all types of cultural institutions and arts organizations including (but not limited to) performing arts centers, universities, festivals, foundations, museums, artist management firms, community centers, and state, local and national arts agencies.

PLEASE NOTE: A numerical salary or salary range MUST be included to be posted on our career board. If you enter "commensurate with experience" or other info lacking transparency, your submission will not be posted.

New posts are shared with our members every Monday. Each posting to WOCA's career + job board will incur a modest fee of $80 for non-WOCA members and a discounted rate of $40 for current WOCA members. Fees are to be paid upon post submission via Submittable and will remain active for FOUR (4) weeks. If you would like your post to be active for longer than four weeks you can purchase multiple postings.

We appreciate your investment in Women of Color in the Arts (WOCA). Please be advised that WOCA does not issue refunds for the submission of any job postings. Please make sure that all pertinent information about your opportunity is presented at submission.

Thank you for your interest in Women of Color in the Arts (WOCA)'s consulting services. 

We like to think of potential clients as partners in this work towards creating a more equitable and just arts field. Before we can move forward, we'd like to understand how your organization is in alignment with WOCA's core values and methodology. 

Please allow 20-30 minutes to complete this Consulting Partner Intake Form. (Please note that there are no wrong answers; this is a simple assessment of how we can work together.) Once we've reviewed your submission, we will be in touch about next steps. Again, thank you for your interest in working with Women of Color in the Arts. 

Women of Color in the Arts (WOCA) is a members-driven service organization which

works to provide professional support to performing arts administrators. WOCA

serves as a forum to share and create unique opportunities for learning and

development among colleagues including mentorship and leadership training. WOCA

exists to provide a network of support and facilitate the exchange of diverse

ideas and practices in the performing arts field, all the while cultivating a

stronger, more equitable field. 

Eligibility for Membership

Before completing your online application, you must review
and meet the basic criteria to be eligible for WOCA membership. Basic
membership criteria includes:

  1. You must be a self-identified
        woman of color – defined by WOCA as a woman of African, Latin, Asian or Pacific Island, Middle-Eastern or Native American descent – historically under-represented
        groups working in the performing arts field.

  2. You must serve in an administrative capacity within the performing arts. While WOCA
        recognizes that administrators’ roles and responsibilities are often fluid
        within many cultural organizations and that artistic disciplines like the
        visual and literary arts often work in tandem with performance art, we
        require that the majority of your current professional career be dedicated
        to the development, cultivation and/or support of the performing arts. 


         You must be a full-time undergrad or part-to full-time graduate student pursuing
        a degree in arts administration, arts management, cultural policy or a related


Membership Application
If you satisfy the aforementioned basic criteria, please
proceed to complete the brief membership application below. Please note that
fulfilling basic criteria does not guarantee WOCA membership. Along with a
completed application, you must submit a PDF copy of both your resume and a
short bio. A LinkedIn profile link may be submitted in lieu of the resumé. We ask for these things in order to identify the demographics of our community and to further members’ connections inside and outside of the network. Please note that providing a high-res photo is also part of the application submission process.

Membership Process
Membership applications are evaluated monthly on an on-going
basis. Applications that are received by the LAST day of the month will be
evaluated in the first week of the following month. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding terms of eligibility
or the application process, please email membership@womenofcolorinthearts.org.

Membership Dues
WOCA offers three levels of membership to facilitate access
for all our colleagues in the field:

Emerging Leader Membership
$30 – full-time students enrolled in an
undergraduate degree program or a part to full-time graduate degree
program in arts administration, arts or theater management, arts or
cultural policy, non-profit management or a related track.

PLUS administrators currently with five (5) years or less of professional experience.

Established Leader Membership
$60 – administrators with 6-20 years of professional experience in the performing arts field.

Senior Leader Membership
$120 – administrators with 21+ years of professional experience in the performing arts field.

(Please know that no eligible member will be turned away for their inability to pay dues.)

Membership Benefits
All three membership levels are granted full access to a wide
range of professional development opportunities including, but not limited to, webinars,
mentorship/leadership program, panel discussions, networking events, and
committee and advisory board participation. Members will have access to our membership directory and have exclusive first-viewing rights to
job, funding, and career opportunities. Members can additionally take advantage
of special offers throughout the year exclusively provided by our partners, which have
included APAP and DanceNYC

All mentor-mentee pairs are required to log their sessions through Submittable, documenting achievements, benchmarks, questions, and/or concerns that arise in their meetings. While we realize that the mentor-mentee relationship may address issues that may be sensitive or confidential, we will ask for top-line information from these interactions, from which we might discover recurring themes or anecdotes that the pairs agree may be shared with the full group.

Please complete this form within one week of your one-on-one session with your mentor. As a reminder, all pairs are required to meet a minimum of six (6) one-on-one sessions over the course of the year.

The purpose of completing this survey is to help provide focus and structure to your year with your mentor. This Leadership Through Mentorship program is designed to allow for a very unique opportunity to get individualized career support from fellow self-identified women leaders of color ,so we want to make sure you maximize your special time together. 

As a starting point in laying the groundwork for your relationship, we encourage you to evaluate your current career status and develop both short- and long-term goals that will help guide your professional development. We understand that your goals may change during the course of the year (and we encourage you to notate those throughout the year in the Mentor-Mentee Session Reports). We simply want to make sure that you are moving with intention, urging you to think proactively and strategically about your potential outcomes from this program and for your career. We also want to ensure that WOCA is working to meet your professional needs. 

Please make sure to answer all questions thoroughly and to the best of your ability. 

Note: These answers will be shared with your mentor.

Women of Color in the Arts (WOCA)